Awaken your taste buds and transform your food while being "Keto" conscious, gluten free, halal, kosher, low sodium, non GMO and/or organic with just a little shake or pinch of Fennon's spices. Fennon's spices are versatile and will spice up any meal whether baked, grilled, pan fried, air fried and/or crock pot meals. Elevate your meals from the mundane to top chef while maintaining your dietary preferences. Learn more about the Fennon's difference here.

  • BBQ Rub - Low Sodium (Scheduled for 2024!))

    Fennon's Low Sodium BBQ Rub will take your BBQ flavored wings to another level. It will make even oven baked meats taste like they were cooked for hours on the grill. A perfect spice blend of savory and sweet with just a hint of heat.

  • STEAK AND LAMB RUB (Expected in 2024!)!)

    Elevate your steak and lamb with Fennon's Steak and Lamb Rub. Great on prime rib and chicken too. This spice blend offers the perfect mixture of spices with a fabulous smell and taste of pineapple.

  • Fennon's Exclusive Coffees

    Fennon's offers a large selection of coffees from around the world to suit every palate. Our coffee beans are not roasted until you place your order!

    Please visit our coffee shop here. 

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