Fennon's Signature Chicken Wings

For flavorful chicken wings, choose Fennon's House of Spice Wing Seasoning, Low Sodium BBQ Rub (coming soon)*, All Purpose Seasoning or Lemon Pepper Blend** available here. Season generously for a whirlwind of flavor!


Place naked wings (no seasoning) in deep fryer basket. *Fry at 375 degrees for approximately 12 minutes or until internal temperature reaches 165 degrees. Remove wings from fryer and place in metal bowl. Toss in olive oil along and season generously your choice of Fennon's seasoning.  For three distinctive flavors, fry up a batch of each -  Fennon's Lemon Pepper Wings, Wing Seasoning and All Purpose Wings! 

*(Note; Fryer cooking times vary depending upon type of fryer).


For a healthier and tastier version of chicken wings, begin by generously seasoning wings to taste with your selected spice blend. When we say generously we mean season once and then season it again! Yum! 

Lightly spray glass pan with olive oil spray. Size of pan depends on number of wings (all wings need to lie flat, avoid overcrowding). Also, if cooking multiple Fennon's flavors, cooking in separate pans is ideal. Lay seasoned chicken wings out in a single layer. 

Place in wall oven (or roaster oven on your kitchen counter). Cook at 425 degrees for about one hour or until proper internal temperature (165 degrees) and desired skin texture. Cook longer for crispier skin. Please note that cooking times will vary by oven.

*Tip: When using BBQ Rub, place wings on lower rack in oven to prevent burning and cook at slightly lower temperature (400 degrees).  

**Tip: With Lemon Pepper Blend, lightly spritz wings with olive oil before coating with the seasoning for even better binding of ingredients.

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