About Us

It all started in the kitchen of our home, cooking for soirees, holidays, family and friends. And throughout many years and perhaps thousands of chicken wings and other requested items, we were met with the usual question, "what kind of seasonings do you use."

While Fennon's offers a variety of options, great on a variety of dishes, we can say that our wing seasoning blend started us on this path and that it has essentially been taste tested across the globe! You can try our wing seasoning here and view all of our products here.

Tasted globally? Well, having sponsored a foreign exchange student from Italy in 2020 (and what a year that was to host) and later hosting an event in our home feeding exchange students from various countries throughout the world, Fennon's wing seasoning was a hit across all palates! Indeed it is our desire to one day become a global brand. It is from memorable dining experiences such as these that Fennon's was born! 

Fennon's is a woman, minority owned enterprise. So what's in a name? Well, Fennon is the middle name of Tammie's husband. Because why not....he's had to do a lot of taste tasting of her recipes over the years! 

Tammie is from Houston, Texas. Her husband is originally from Long Beach, California, their daughter Madison is currently in college at CU Boulder in Colorado and Cameron resides in Tampa, Florida. You will see pictures of us throughout the website. And since we all like representing our schools...Go Coogs! Go Aggies! Go Poly! Sko Buffs! Go Cuse!

From the outset, it was always Tammie's desire to be able to inform consumers "what's in the bottle" at the highest level she possibly could, because she believes an educated consumer deserves to know.  Traceability, environmental concerns, social impact and being considerate of a variety of consumer preferences along the way (like gluten free, halal, kosher, low sodium, non-GMO, organic, single source and vegan) has at all times been her focus. Tammie wants consumers to know that Fennon's spice blends are made with much due diligence, love and care.  

Of course, this journey has also been about creating and sharing incredible tasting spices, an appreciation of which Tammie says she owes to her mom, a certified master gardener and teacher who received awards for creating gardens at urban schools. Tammie grew up with an appreciation for that pulled right off the vine, single-origin taste of beautiful fruits, veggies and spices at home and she is now thrilled to bring some of the same to you!

We hope you will give all of Fennon's products a try and keep coming back for more!  We would love for you to share a photo or video of you and your Fennon's product/dish with us on social media. Join us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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Spice, Eat and Enjoy!