So what makes us unique?


1. Transparency in our supply chain is paramount.  We have to know "what's in the bottle" because consumers deserve to know "what's in the bottle. Check out each product description detail for more information.

2. We take advantage of single-origin spices whenever possible. 

3. We are deliberate in evaluating the ESG (environmental, social, governance) policies concerning each of our suppliers/farmers. We seek out spices that are sustainable and responsibly grown.

4. We believe in clean labeling.  We aim to provide as much detail about "what's in the bottle" in as easy to understand format as possible.  

5. In the process of selecting each of our raw ingredients, we try to satisfy the greatest number of dietary preferences to include but not limited to gluten free, halal, kosher, non-GMO, organic and vegan. 

6. Our blends are all spice. Based on the information provided by our suppliers, there are no added colors, flavors or ingredients you can't pronounce.

7. Consumer protection establishes the framework from which we strive to bring each of our spices to market. 

8. Each individual spice blend is versatile on a variety of foods and tastes great. This allows you to minimize the number of other spices in your kitchen.