Q & A - Fennon's House of Spice

Q & A with Tammie Moore, Owner/CEO...

Who is Fennon's?

Fennon's is an online retailer who offers specialty curated spice blends. We take the guesswork out of finding trustworthy, healthy, safe products for your family to consume because all our products are either all natural, halal, low sodium, non-GMO, kosher, organic, vegan and/or a combination of these attributes. We offer transparency with what's in our bottle's by including the lab work for our spices on our website. We vet our suppliers against strict standards for sustainability and good supply chain practices. We are the online retailer "When Good Taste Matters" for the educated consumer. 

For people who dont know much about you, tell us a little bit about yourself, your educational background. 

I am a Native Houstonian, graduate of the High School for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Careers (HSLECJ), the University of Houston (UH) and Texas  A & M University School of Law. Growing up in a home with a mother that always loved to cook and still often feeds the neighborhood, I garnered a passion for well seasoned, great tasting food which was always well presented.

What do you say to someone who has never heard of Fennon's, tried your spice blends or made a purchase yet?

We desire to earn their trust. Because of our background in consumer protection (both my husband and I), our customers can rest assured that ethics, transparency and product safety are of utmost importance. At every step of our journey, Fennon's was produced with the level of care of an informed consumer and thus will be delivered as an informed consumer deserves. Keeping abreast of matters of importance to consumers in the food industry will remain our focus. I would hope our customers would find comfort in that.  In addition, we offer gluten free, halal, low sodium, non GMO, organic and vegan options. And, of course, Fennon's absolutely tastes great!

There are a myriad of spice companies out there.  What sets Fennon's apart?

I can't emphasize consumer protection enough.  Our company is a marriage of two passions - the spice making we love and a focus on consumer protection along the way.  As a result, we desire to go above and beyond to answer consumers' questions about the products they consume because they deserve to know.  While it is of course no doubt the quality of the ingredients and distinctive good taste our spice blends deliver, we focus on keeping our consumers informed. Customers can request our Product Sourcing and Nutrition and Allergen information for more detailed information on where their spices come from and what's in the bottle...because they deserve to know. And, we welcome any other questions at fennonshouseofspice@gmail.com.

If someone has an issue with an order, how can they contact the store?

You can reach out to us in multiple ways, whichever is most convenient for the individual customer.  We have a contact form that can be completed online.  You can email us at fennonshouseofspice@gmail.com or call us at 832-657-1968.  If received within business hours, our goal is to respond the same day or as expeditiously as possible. All emails and calls will definitely be returned, without question.

Does Fennon's have a tagline?

Yes!  "When good taste matters!"  It means like, what other choice is there...right...when good taste matters! And, it's sort of an additional play on words too.  Good taste as in good tasting food of course.  And, just a matter of a person with good taste generally speaking!  

Is there any particular spice blend you'd recommend your customers try first?

Well that's a tough one! How can I possibly answer that question!  They are all good!  I will say that the very first blend that got us started on this path was the Wing Seasoning. While it is more or less a season all, we decided to keep the name true to the purpose and context in which the blend was originally discovered. However, collectively, all of our blends are intended to be a one stop shop for whatever type of dish you may be cooking.  So, I definitely recommend having multiple blends in your kitchen!  If you're a steak person, you have to have the Steak and Lamb Rub. It has an enticing smell of pineapple. If you like different flavored wings on the regular like most of my family and friends do, then you literally want the remaining four (Wing Seasoning, All Purpose, Low Sodium BBQ Rub and Lemon Pepper). Our blends compliment vegan, vegetarian and a variety of ethnic dishes.

We have a number of choices....it just depends on the customer's taste profile and what's on the menu!

Well, I love wings but I also love tacos! Do you have a taco seasoning?

Actually, Fennon's Wing Seasoning is great for tacos too! You can use it just like you would a taco seasoning packet. Don't feel that this spice blend is limited by the name. It is a very versatile blend and great on ground beef or ground turkey. You can use it like a season all. 

Do you expect to come out with any additional spice blends in the future?

But of course!  We actually have multiple being tested in our test kitchen as we speak!

Do you care to offer your customers a hint on perhaps what your next spice blend might be then?

Sure.  Why not!  I suspect the Cajun/Creole Blend might just be our next product offering.  I don't want to commit for sure! But, I think that one's probably the closest to that stage. Stay tuned! Follow us on social media to stay in the know! We're on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Do you anticipate any single spice offerings?

Yes. However, we are currently only entertaining individual spices for bulk wholesale orders at this time.

Any last words?

Welcome to Fennon's!  We are ecstatic to occupy our new space in the spice world!  We want to earn your trust so that we can be your one stop shop for all of your seasonings/spice blends.  We are looking forward to you joining our spice family! Peace and Love